POCT Device

                   Automated Instrument

                       iNAAT/NAAT Machine


 EZCheck 3  Cassette Reader

EZCheck 3 cassette reader is a palm-sized and lightweight reader. Through the 2D barcode on the cassette, the reader will automatically interpret which tests are performed. Through the App on smartphone, user can directly connect the device and can open the operation guide at any time and follow the graphical interface to complete the step by step operation. Follow the operation guide, the only thing user needs to do is finish the preparation procedure, put the cassette into EZCheck, and start the test. The test results of 3 targets will then produced within 5-15 minutes at one time and automatically uploaded to mobile App.

 EZCheck 6  Cassette Reader

EZCheck 6 cassette reader consists of an analyzer and microfluidics cartridges. The analyzer is the core part, including a fluorescence detection system, temperature control module, and data analysis software. Microfluidics cartridges serve as carriers for samples and reagents, designed with precision to prevent sample contamination and provide multiplex testing capabilities.


 FastCheck  Nucleic Acid Detection System

FastCheck nucleic acid detection system is a customized (ODM/OEM) benchtop mini All-In-One instrument entails on-board DNA/RNA extraction, sample transfer, amplification and analysis. Working through Nucleic Acid Extraction Module, 8-Channel Pipette, and qPCR Module with the Ready-to-Use Consumable Set, your test from sample to answer is as simple as that.


 TrusPure 32  Nucleic Acid Extractor

TrusPure 32 nucleic acid extractor is a semi-automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is which can extract and purify nucleic acids such as genomic DNA, viral RNA and cfDNA from a variety of biological samples including whole blood, tissue, FFPE, plant, plasma and urine by combined using with prefilled TrusPure extraction kits.


 TrusIQ  iNAAT System

TrusIQ 16 Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (iNAAT) System is one protable fluorescence qualitative analyzer with only 3.2 kg and two fluorescence channels and is desinged to meet the needs for on-site and rapid nucleic acid testing. It is also the most easy to operate and cost-effective iNAAT solution when working with our TrusEX Extraction-Free Buffer and TrusIQ Nucleic Acid Detection Assay (Fluorescent).


 TrusMQ  Real-Time PCR System

TrusMQ Real-Time PCR System are the quantitative PCR (qPCR) analyzers and include a good-performance, low-, medium- to high-throughput PCR platform (16-, 48-, and 96-wells) for nucleic acids detection. TrusMQ qPCR instruments are tube/plate-flexible real-time PCR devices that support multi-color applications and multiplex protocols.