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TrustBio Corporation was established in 2022 and is focused on providing simple, fast, and affordable tools for molecular diagnosis and cancer screening. TrustBio is also a customer oriented company in a wide range of portfolios, from sample preparation to downstream applications, smart and reliable IVD & Research tools. Our team is composed of managers with over 20 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing reagents and platforms for molecular diagnostic assays that guarantee the most optimal solutions to help our partners to reach their goals. Our aim is to be a leading biotechnology company offering complete solutions to meet all of customer needs. 

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EZCheck microfluidic cassette is a combination of microfluidic channels and microfluidic systems. Through unique conversion of potential energy difference, desig of channel shape slope and capillary action to guide the flow, it can precisely control the flow and mixing of tiny liquids, and realizes a rapid and efficient biological detection. The design also improves detection accuracy and sensitivity by controlling the volume, flow rate and mixing ratio of the liquid.


Inside EZCheck microfluidic cassette, the flow channels can be divided into different functional areas, including a sample loading integration area, a reagent retention and mixing area, a flow channel area, a LyoBeads storage area, a reaction area, a quality control area, and a waste liquid collection area. The closed loop design can greatly shorten the reaction time, reduce pollution and improve detection efficiency. 

EZCheck microfluidic cassette can be applied to various biological detection and analysis, such as DNA/RNA detection, protein detection, cell analysis, etc. Combined with our eLAMP nucleic acid amplification technology, the sensitivity is 1,000 times that of antigen/antibody quick screening, and the detection time is only within 15 minutes, which is much lower than the 60-90 minutes of traditional nucleic acid detection.

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ROC Invention Patent I1815713

ROC Design Patent D228012