Consumables for One-Step Extraction

Consumables for aNAP System

Grinding Microtube

 TrusPure  Grinding Microtube


  • Features

     Soft, elastic, endurable

     Easily lysed and homolized

     Results are visible

  • Specification

     FC: flat cap

     DR: dropper cap

     DF: drop cap with filter

Empty Consumables Set

 Empty  Consumables Set


  • Features

     Comparable with any open platforms


  • Specification

     2.2 ml Deepwell 96 Plate: Polypropylene, U-Bottom, 12 pcs/set
     8-Tip Comb: Polypropylene, 12 bags/set
     Empty Consumables Set: 12 plates & 12 bags of Combs/set